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November 2019

This year, a lot of attention and energy went to the dissertation of Hendrik Jan Bosman, Prosodic Influence on the Text Syntax of Lamentation (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, 29 mei 2019). A nice book which shows the influence of versification on text-syntax.

In the meantime I made an analysis of syntax and versification in Psalm 115 (see to the right)


September 2018

This month does not bring the discussion of Kalkman's research. It takes more time to finish that paper.

In the meta-analysis of the prosodic structure I argue that numerical balance should not be an argument in prosodic analysis. The second part is a methodical reflection about the inventory and analysis of lexical repetitions.


August 2018

In the meta-analysis of the text-syntactic hierarchy I study the question whether there is any system in continuity and discontinuity within the paragraph and at the paragraph boundaries. Important material and nice conclusions. Read about thematic disruption, thin syntax and prosody taking over syntax!

This study made it necessary to correct the Supplement (2.0!).

September will bring a discussion of Gino Kalkman's text-syntactic hierarchy of Psalm 116.


July 2018

The last strophe is there and an update of the Supplement. 

I am working on a meta-analysis of  the text-syntactic hierarchy of Psalm 116, these days. It will have some surprising conclusions.


June 2018

Three new strophes this time. We will reach the end of psalm 116 next month.


Two major articles were published:
In a two-day workshop at the Colloquium Biblicum Lovaniense 2016  I presented a study of the literary-stylistic coherence of the Book of Joel. It is published now. I argue that the book consists of a dramatic narrative (Joel 1-2) and of a series of comments that conflict theologically with the drama-text in fundamental ways. A full prosodic analysis was my starting point (see the Annotated Bibliography).
In a volume of the Tilburg School of Catholic Theology on teaching in the Bible I wrote about Psalms 137-145, reading this editorial collection as a textbook for initiation into a community of anti-assimilationists. A composition-critical study, starting with a participant analysis. It contains notes on the prosodic structure of the psalms, especially Psalm 137 (see the Annotated Bibliography).


May 2018

This month, you may read my description of two new strophes. Note that the Supplement is updated each time.

The Annotated Bibliography is added.

April 2018

The second strophe is ready. Enjoy reading!

March 2018

A first page is ready ! With new work. During the coming months, I will publish an analysis of Psalm 116. You will find a first paper on this page to the right.